The Cathliro Way

Names of Villages Supported by Cathliro©.


Changing Village Lives Through The Cathliro© Way.

Cathliro works closely with cocoa farmers from the above villages and is ever-expanding to ensure that the farmers and their families receive the highest guaranteed price possible for wet beans (SBD4/kg).

In addition to a guaranteed wet bean price, Cathliro implements an approach called ‘The Cathliro© Way’ which provides ongoing farmer training, consistent weekly buying and free freight of the wet beans to Honiara, where the beans are then fermented and sun-dried to a consistent and high standard. As a result, the farmers have a consistent regular income.

Cathliro works directly with over two-hundred farming families from villages in Central Guadalcanal and Isabel, primarily working with women (70% of farmers are women). The farmers are paid cash upon weighing of the wet beans in the village. Cathliro then takes the beans into their location in Honiara and ferments and sun-dries the beans by village. The quality and flavour profile is consistent, with variants by village of course, but the dominant notes are chocolate with light fruity and floral notes. Due to low acidity in the beans, they are great for snacking on raw or lightly roasted. After sun-drying, the beans are stored by village and are ready for shipping.

Alongside the above, Cathliro works directly with the villages in giving back and in educating the farmer families on tree management, health, farm management, saving, sanitation and how to use cocoa as a food and sell locally in the village.

The farmers in the care of Cathliro enjoy eating their own cocoa daily in hot chocolate, Cacao Tea (which they call Skinnie Tea), in their cassava pudding, as cacao nibs sprinkled over pumpkin or local sweet potato and in many more simple ways. In this manner they enjoy the nutrients of fine cocoa and also connect in a real way to the crop they have cared for in their communities for over sixty years.

Theresa, one of the farmers, expressed recently how much working with Cathliro has changed her family’s life. There is consistency of weekly sales and her whole family has returned to cocoa farming and their plantation is growing through the training provided by Cathliro. Their quality of life is being supported in a direct and tangible way by cocoa, which is precisely the aim and vision of The Cathliro© Way.