How We Export


Cathliro Cocoa Exports works closely with cocoa growers in Solomon Islands to ensure that they receive the highest guaranteed price possible for wet beans (SBD4/kg). In addition to a guaranteed wet bean price, Cathliro implements an approach called ‘The Cathliro® Way’ which provides ongoing farmer training, consistent weekly buying and free freight of the wet beans to Honiara, where they are then fermented and sun- dried to a consistent and high standard. 

The quality and flavour profile is consistent with variants by village, but the dominant notes are chocolate with light fruity and floral notes. Due to low acidity in the beans, they are great for snacking on raw or lightly roasted.

After sun-drying, the beans are stored by village and are ready for shipping. Cathliro works directly with the villages in giving back and in educating the farmers on tree management, health, farm management, saving, sanitation and how to use cocoa on a village level. Cathliro’s main goal is to improve the quality of life for cocoa growing communities.


In order to provide the best possible services to our growers and pay staff for the processing to the optimum quality, we must charge accordingly. Every bag exported is fully traceable and price transparency is guaranteed. Please enquire as to pricing.


Our current annual volume is as below and is growing due to the ongoing work with the farmers:

  • 10 tonne bi-monthly during the low season November-April
  • 8 Tonne monthly May-October.

It is our preference that the beans we have cared for are exported within twelve weeks of being sun-dried to ensure maximum flavour profile to the buyer.


Cathliro has considerable experience in exporting and have exported to the bulk market for a number of years, including over 15 containers to Holland Commodities International.

Cathliro has also exported in the boutique market to 4 customers, including Fire Tree Cacao and Pump Street Chocolate in the UK, Makira Gold & South Pacific Cacao in Australia, Aelan Chocolate in Vanuatu and She Universe in New Zealand.

 By Village

Cathliro can provide a village blend or village specific beans, but availability will be based on volume stored and lead time for when the container is required.


Cathliro’s experience is in shipping containers and it has the required expertise in all the necessary steps, however recently Cathliro has also started to ship break-bulk to countries that offer this option, such as New Zealand.


Cathliro’s work is supported by Strongim Bisnis and PHAMA Plus Programs.