How We Work With Farmers


Cathliro works directly with villages in Central Guadalcanal and Isabel, with over two hundred farming families, primarily working with women (70% of farmers are women), and weekly goes out to the villages to purchase wet beans. As many farms do not have access to transport, this is an essential ingredient to their livelihood, as is the consistency of the weekly visit. The farmers are paid cash upon weighing of the wet beans in the village. The consistency and connection Cathliro have with the farming villages is rare and inspiring.

Our family life has changed since Diana started to come weekly. Many of our pods stayed on the trees as we had no way to get the wet beans to Honiara. Now we are working as a family and harvesting every week and we have also been trained by Cathliro in how to manage our farm, prune and expand and so our income is growing.

We also understand how to enjoy our own cocoa beans as a food and to make our own milo. Soon we will start selling our own cocoa products in the local village.