Our Vision


What does the acronym Cathliro stand for?

Cathliro is the name of Diana Yates’ company which supports an expanding number of villages and over two-hundred farmers. The company name is made up of the names of Diana’s four children: Catherine, Thomas, Lily and Rosana.


To empower the people of Solomon Islands in a real, sustainable way, especially the women and youth. The vision is captured by the metaphor ‘rather than bringing fish, encouraging fishing for life’, showing a clear way, that is in the hands of the villages, in how to empower themselves through cocoa.


To work with the abundant resource of cocoa in a way that changes the culture, from one where people rely on support to one where they learn and continue to learn, step by step, how to build and improve their own lives and livelihoods, through their own good work on their cocoa farms.


Cathliro would like to directly build a clinic for the villages with the profit from the successful sales of boutique cocoa, whilst continually educating and supporting the farmers in improving their own lives through their own work.